I am so grateful for the support I have received from JMBCF. Providing transportation to and from treatment has taken a huge load off my back not having to organise myself through this stressful time. I am so thankful."

Astrid von Lojewski

I was overwhelmed by the support JMBCF provided. How blessed I was that a lady I had never met, who's heart was so huge would settle the burden of our bills during this trying season.


When you're diagnosed you become aware of how much funding goes towards research but I am so grateful that this foundation exists to directly support those who are battling and their families. 

Adele Heka

I was so fortunate to have received financial and emotional support from the Joanne Mackay Breast Cancer Foundation.  What an amazing Foundation helping local women just like me. 

At a time when things were really tough for me, JMBCF so generously supported us financially by paying a large chemotherapy bill at Christmas time. This made a huge difference in our lives and allowed us to ensure our children had a great Christmas and weren’t impacted by the financial strain that cancer treatment can bring. 


I also referred a friend who had secondary cancer and JMBCF were able to provide a cleaner to make life a little easier for her and her family. Sadly my friend passed away however I do know how much she appreciated the gift the Foundation gave her of cleaning services.

Mia Cassin

Bianca Lucero's Story

"Having only just arrived in Australia from Colombia, with a degree in international business, I was ready to gain local knowledge and begin the next chapter with my the love of my life and newly husband of 2 months. Then came the diagnosis, “Breast Cancer”, I had to halt all life plans and concentrate on my health.

With Medicare covering 90% of treatment we still found ourselves scrapping to cover the remaining 10% with only my husbands salary. The Joanne Mackay Breast Cancer Foundation totally supported us financially when we needed it most.


When I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel finishing my last round of chemotherapy to start radiotherapy my husband’s company went into voluntary administration and he was made redundant. This was an extremely difficult and emotional time for us both but the Foundation was there at every corner providing their complete support. Maureen (Jo’s Mum) was my absolute angel.

I will never forget the generosity I received from JMBCF and will be forever grateful!"

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