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At the Joanne Mackay Breast Cancer Foundation we endeavour to provide support to breast cancer sufferers and their families at a time when they need it most.  By lending a helping hand both financially and emotionally, we aim to ease the burden.

Jo's story...

Joanne Mackay was a vibrant and beautiful woman who lived with nothing but love to give to those surrounding her.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 at the age of thirty six, just ten weeks after giving birth to her youngest child Tully. 


Joanne underwent a mastectomy and chemotherapy. It was during her treatment that Jo became aware of the various struggles other patients around her were facing.  Whilst she had an abundance of support from friends and family and was in a stable position financially, Joanne's heart broke for the women she met who did not have these things.

Jo began speaking about the idea of a foundation.  One that would work at a very personal and hands on level.  She wanted to provide women with the support that she felt she was so lucky to have.


Tragically, Joanne lost her battle on the 11th of July 2002.  


Joanne was survived by a group of passionate women who's goal became realising Jo's vision and so in her honour, the Joanne Mackay Breast Cancer Foundation was born.


It has now been over sixteen years since Jo's passing and our foundation continues to provide financial and emotional support for breast cancer sufferers and their families. We raise funds to pay for treatment, medical bills, transportation, wigs, utility bills and more.

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